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High performance Road Brakes

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It may seem hard to believe, but many popular "big brake kits" do not meet the performance and safety needs for a road car. They are assembled from universal "on-the-shelf" parts used to make hundreds of other kits, and sold as a "custom" solution. No wonder so few reasonably priced brake kits do anything other than look flashy. UPBrakes produces a high quality brake kit designed for high performance road use with no compromises to safety or durability. Custom development allows us not to be limited by "on-our-shelf parts" so you get a better matched part that works properly with your car. We believe in what we sell so feel free to try them for 90 days and if you don't agree, simply send them back for a 100% refund.

What makes Road Brakes different?

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We don't have to tell you Brakes are a critical safety item on your car. Small, difficult to source parts make the difference between "good enough" and "as safe as your car was when you bought it".
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Designed specifically for road use in all conditions year round, with long service life. Our Brakes are not sold with hidden "for off-road use only" disclaimers, we stand behind the product for safe road use. Dust boots are used and calipers are 3 stage painted with industrial grade coating, superior to factory paints, powder and anodizing in corrosion and weathering resistance. Our hardened steel brackets are nickel plated, they don't fatigue like Aluminum alloys or suffer stress cracks from corrsive road salt and grime.
Easy to Service
Service parts are readily available anywhere to you or any mechanic: Brake Pads, rotors, bolts, caliper hardware, seals and dust boots, they all need to be replaced eventually. All service parts are readily available common parts that you or any mechanic can easily source from any auto parts vendor.

The Volvo SPA Sport Brake kit for the S/V60 is coming soon! December 2021. Sign up to get updates!

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The story of UPBrakes and the concept of Road Brakes
I am an enthusiast just like you. I like cars and I love driving. When I wanted a brake upgrade with a fixed caliper for my Volvo, I took a look at what was on the market. I quickly became disappointed that even an entry level "BBK" were "lightweight" copy-cats of pricier racing brakes with some serious concerns. And they weren't even cheap! I didn't want to pay thousands "just for looks" I wanted a true upgrade, something I would enjoy all the time and not have to fuss with. Since that didn't exist, I set out to develop one myself.

- Andrew

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